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Welcome 2020 | Tools for an Empowered Start to the New Decade

December 28, 2019 4 min read

Welcome 2020 | Tools for an Empowered Start to the New Decade

I tend to feel the buildup of a new year a few months before it arrives. Right about November, I start to look at my goals, what was left undone and what I can still “make happen” in this year. 2019 brought this even more intensely knowing it was the end of a decade as well. In the past year I’ve also taken on this approach of “know thyself” which has caused me to dive deep into so many different languages including astrology, human design, and simply meditation and introspection. Going down these rabbit holes has been an interesting backdrop and tool as I work through all aspects of life, and as I look at 2020, I wanted to share some insights that may help you prepare for the new year and start this new chapter from a place of empowerment.  

A few major notes on 2020 and preparing for it. 

Get quiet. Over the next few days, make time to turn inward. Especially after the overstimulation of the holiday season, this is a beautiful time to return to yourself. Turn off your phone. Go to the water or anywhere in nature (or just a quiet, undisturbed space) and allow yourself to feel into your true essence. Thank the thoughts that come up, but then let them go. Stay present and connected. What comes up, who are you, what do you want to be, what’s on deck for 2020 both short and longer term. Who do you need to become in order to reach that vision. Or just sit in quiet contentment in reflection of all that 2019 and the last decade brought for you. 

Goals & intentions. If you are looking to set these, which I suggest you do, be sure to be clear, concise, specific. What will it look and feel like when you’ve “arrived”? If you don’t know that, how will you know you’ve reached your destination? These are your intentions - for each that you set, what is the feeling that you are seeking by having this thing? Perhaps it’s not the goal itself that you’re after but the feeling instead. If that’s the case, perhaps you can set an action-based goal to create the conditions for those feelings. So instead of “lose 10 lbs” or “reach size 6,” which you think will make you feel healthy, vibrant, and sexy, could you instead make your goals: 3 workouts per week, buy new jeans that accentuate your awesome butt as it is, and drink green juice every day? 

Start! Yes, a new year is an amazing time to start a fresh routine, but intentions made during or around the new moon are even more powerful. The new moon was supercharged with an eclipse, so you can expect powerful energy here - use it! It’s for you! This could mean taking the baby steps or basically unofficially - or officially - starting your new year’s “resolutions”. Think about what you want 2020 or the rest of your life to look like. Is there something you feel passionately about that you can start on right now? Ultimately, don’t wait, just start when you’re compelled to. 

Gratitude.  It’s easy to look back on the last year or decade and think about all that we would have done differently, but trust that things are working out exactly as they were meant to. What’s left undone is prime for doing now or was just not the right time. Give yourself grace and look for learning in what didn’t go right or isn’t as you’d like it. THEN find gratitude for all that is going right. If you don’t have a gratitude practice, consider spending a few moments in the morning and the evening (or anytime you want to change, improve your state) listing and going into detail about all that you are grateful for. This improves your energy on a vibrational level, which can increase your health and well-being over time. 

Want more? I found this practice to be simple and beautiful: https://www.danielledoby.com/new-blog

Tools to consider. 

    • Magic of I planner. If you want to harness more of the lunar cycle or the cosmos, our Magic of I planners are an incredible way to get to know what’s happening energetically and align your actions, or lack thereof, to this. Ultimately, it all comes down to free will and intuition though, and if you slow and quiet down enough, you have all the answers you need.
    • Journals & Planners. We have a few in the shop, as well as a number online. Moon Lists, Magic of I, Wilde House Paper
    • Crystals (available in the shop, through our bracelets and pendants). Come peruse our guides to crystals and choose what feels right for you intuitively or by doing some research. Online I recommend @Illuminate Your Vibe.
    • Well Seed Seed Ball. Your body is your soul's home on Earth, so let's align so we're all feeling like we're on the same team. Nutritionist-formulated to foster a nutritionally-supported cycle all month long. Phase-based nutrition for happier hormones and balanced cycles. Rooted in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this seed cycle blend helps support reproductive health from periods to menopause and can be used in snack balls, smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal. 100% organic and plant-based.
    • Lotus Wei Floral Elixirs. A delightful, easy way to allow nature to catalyze whatever change you seek. More here.

Moon Journals and PlannersLotus Wei Floral Elixirs Lake Effect Co Mercantile

Join us in the shop. 

Stay tuned to the calendar at the link following for the below events and others being added over coming days & weeks: https://lakeeffectco.com/pages/events

  • Enjoy a Morning Yoga Flow on Saturday 1/11 with Nicole Moza  - this is just a day after the Full Moon and the day before the Saturn Pluto Conjunct (see below). It’s a great way to move your body, connect with other Lake Country souls, and enjoy healthy noms post-class. 
  • Sound Healings with Sarita 1/16 (during the Pluto/Saturn Conjunct) and 1/27 (just after the New Moon).

Saturday Morning Yoga at Lake Effect Co in Pewaukee Wisconsin

Go deeper.

  • Consider getting a personalized astrology reading. Reach out if you don’t know where to start looking. 
  • Book a Shift session with Nicole Moza - mozawellness.com
  • Looking for mindset work & life coaching? Book with me, Katherine.https://katherinegramann.com/mindset-work

If you have the time, I highly suggest digging into these: 

Astrology Report & Saturn Pluto Conjunction 

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