Episode 15 - 1% for the Planet Partnership + Sustainability Challenge Update

February 07, 2020

Lake Effect Co. is officially partnered with 1% for the Planet! Our work with FLOW, business practices, and community connections more than qualified us to be a 1% for the Planet company, and we are so proud to be a part of this worthwhile organization. 

To celebrate this new partnership and the first sunny weather after weeks of cloudy weather in Milwaukee, I went out for a lovely walk to view a truly epic sunrise that ended up throwing my morning a bit sideways, which meant that I had to choose a less sustainable lunch option than I usually would. This lack of planning on my part sent me into a downward shame spiral on my own consumption habits, which led me to feel a bit of hopelessness around the state of the environment. 

It can easily feel like we’re making no environmental improvements no matter what positive sustainable changes we make in our lifestyles, which in turn leads to feelings of shame and hopelessness. This helps no one, and I want to help put a stop to it right now! 

Listen in to this episode as I talk about green-shaming (both humans and businesses) and about howgracefullystriving towards more sustainable options is always the best way forward.

In this episode, I chat about about:

  • Feeling empowered to make sustainable options instead of helpless around making any beneficial environmental changes
  • Educating and preparing yourself to live more sustainable
  • Removing the guilt and shame from our current non-environmentally friendly practices and granting yourself with grace as you move towards more sustainable options

Resources from the Episode

In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

This week’s question is:

How can you gracefully strive for a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle?

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