Episode 17 - Embracing a Flexible MindSTATE

March 06, 2020

After my post-breathwork “energetic breakthrough” that I shared about last week, I found myself feeling pulled back into a lower state of mind a few times over the weekend, where I felt energetically heavy and unaligned. This felt like extreme contrast to the high of my newfound “truths” and what I was choosing to believe in, and it felt disappointing to have fallen back into this state. My initial response to this lower state of being and just flat out funky energy was to switch to judgmental thoughts of shame -- that is until I went to the lake. 

It was after time by the water that I realized that it is natural for one moment to feel divine while the next can feel like energetic chaos. It’s not a sign of personal failure or defeat, but rather a huge beam of clarity that can only come by feeling the contrast of something that isn’t in alignment with yourself. 

In this episode I walk through two instances of shifting out of that state, what it required and what I learned, and ultimately how I feel like one such visit to the water changed my state of mind allowing a really interesting series of events including, a surprise visit from Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, the author of The Blue Mind, who came out of his way to visit the shop while he was on the way to a conference. While chatting, he provided me with tremendous insight on my work and the importance of differentiation mindset vs. mind state which felt tremendously serendipitous after the shift of my own mental state by the lake that morning. 

Listen into this episode to hear more about the difference between mindset and mindstate and the importance it plays in shifting your energy. 

In this episode, I chat about about:

  • mindSET vs. mindSTATE
  • Taking radical responsibility in our lives
  • Sharing a common water love language
  • The myth of balance and making peace with the lack thereof

Resources from the Episode

In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

This week’s question is:

Which set beliefs do you need to change to allow for an improved mind state?

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